Sunday, January 29, 2012

Menu Sarapan

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Photo by : Dedi Triono
Location : ASTON Paramont Serpong
Gear : Nikon D200 | Nikkor 35mm/1.8

Monday, January 9, 2012

In Room Dinning Culinary ( Strawberry Chocolate Ice Cream )

Photo by : Triono, Dedi
Gear : Nikon D200 | Nikkor AF-S 35mm/1.8 DX 
Location : room 1223 Gumaya Tower Hotel-Semarang, Indonesia

Sunday, January 8, 2012

In Room Dinning Culinary ( Gado-Gado )

Gado-gado (in Indonesian or Betawi language), also called Lotek (in Sundanese) for its cooked version - differed from lotek atah or karedok for its fresh and raw version of the vegetable covered with peanut sauce and pecel (Javanese language) is an Indonesian dish comprising a vegetable salad served with a peanut sauce dressing.[1] It is thought to have originally been a Sundanese dish. It is widely served from hawkers carts, stalls (warung) as well as in restaurants and hotel both in Indonesia and worldwide.

Gado-gado is part of a wide range of Indonesian dressing & salad combinations, along with lotek, pecel and karedok. In many places, to retain authenticity in both the production and flavor, the peanut sauce is made in individual batches, in front of the customers. However, since the dish has gained popularity (because of the increase of Asian-themed restaurants) Gado-gado sauce is now mostly made ahead of time and cooked in bulk, although this is probably more common in Western restaurants rather than in Indonesia. 
Compared to Western and Indonesian salads, Gado-gado has much more sauce in it. Instead of being used as a light dressing, the vegetables should be well coated in the sauce.
Many stores now offer Gado-Gado dressing in dried blocks to which you simply add hot water, making it easier and cheaper to cook at home.

Have nice Indonesia Culinary ....
Photo by : Triono, Dedi
Gear : Nikon D80 | Nikkor AF-S 35mm/1.8 DX
Location : Gumaya Tower Hotel - Semarang, Indonesia